Bachelor of Arts Program

English Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in English Communication In this new era of globalization, the effects of information technology have spread to all parts of the world, with English emerging as the predominant language of international business and communication. This has brought a rising demand for highly qualified, multilingual professionals.  English becomes a vital strategic tool for any nation's economic, political, and social development. English Communication program emphasizes key skills in linguistics, writing, and intercultural communication to help equip our graduates to succeed in their future careers.

  • Diploma from a traditional high school (grade 12, M6, Year 13 or the result of an approved equivalency examination) OR  the General Educational Development (GED) OR the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) tests)
    • Ex-GED: 5 passed + diploma 
    • International GED: 4 passed + diploma 
    • IGCSE: “O” level with 5 grade C (and above) + “A” level with 3 grade C (and above) and diploma 
  • If English is not an applicant’s first language, one of the following standardized tests is required.
    • TOEFL iBT 61 or above;
    • IELTS 6.0 or above;
    • CEFR B2 or above
    • An applicant who graduates from an international school where English is used as the medium of instruction, an English proficiency test result is exempt. 
    •  Students who do not pass a minimum English proficiency test requirement can enroll in an Intensive English Program (IEP)  provided at the Language Enhancement Center (LEC), Payap University. 
    • Students within Thailand may submit a TOEFL, IELTS, or CEFR result or take the Payap English Language Proficiency test (Oxford Online Placement Test – OOPT) on campus.
    • To have your TOEFL score sent to Payap University, use code number 5948 when indicating the institution that should receive your score.
  • Students with different qualifications are recommended to contact the university to check their eligibility.
1.General Education Courses30 Credits
1.1 Social Sciences and Humanities Courses9 Credits
1.2 Mathematics, Sciences and Technology Courses9 Credits
1.3 Language Competency for Communication Courses12 Credits
2. Major Courses90 Credits
2.1 Major Required Courses60 Credits
2.2 Major Elective Coursesat least 30 Credits
3. Fee Elective Courses6 Credits
Total Number of Creditsat least 126 Credits
  • Media: Journalist, Editor, Copy Writer, Reporter
  • Linguistics: Translator, Interpreter, Linguist
  • Business : Sales Person, Public Relations Practitioner, Secretary
  • Government: Public Speaker, Politician
  • Arts: Playwright, Author, Curator
  • Education: Teacher, Instructor