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English Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in English Communication In this new era of globalization, the effects of information technology have spread to all parts of the world, with English emerging as the predominant language of international business and communication. This has brought a rising demand for highly qualified, multilingual professionals.  English becomes a vital strategic tool for any nation's economic, political, and social development. English Communication program emphasizes key skills in linguistics, writing, and intercultural communication to help equip our graduates to succeed in their future careers.

Bachelor of Art (English Communication) (International Program)
B.A. (English Communication)

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The Board of Trustees, Payap University approved the Bachelor of Arts Program, English Communication (International Program) revised program in meeting No. 2/2565 on 21st May 2022.

  • The program recruits both Thai and non-Thai students to the program.

  • They have to have a high school certificate or equivalent, good characteristics and behaviors, sound health, and no chronic medical
    condition that would be barriers to study.

  • Thai and Non-Thai students who are not also English Native speakers are required to submit one or another English proficiency test below;
         – TOEFL (iBT) test report: score 61 or above;
         – IELTS test report: score 6.0 or above;
         – CEFR at level B2 or above.

Remarks: An English proficiency test report must be activated and issued not older than 2 years from the application date.
All applicants will be interviewed by the department. Any student who gets lower English proficiency will be required to take the Foundation Studies Program. After completing and passing this program, they would be eligible to study in a BA (English Communication) program.

Bachelor of Art Program in English Communication ) is a 4-year academic Bachelor’s degree program. The media of instruction in the program is English.

The total number of credits is at least 120 credits, consisting of 30 credits of general education courses, 84 credits of major courses, and 6 credits of free elective courses.

Study plan

In the first year, students will be trained and develop English skills and knowledge in appropriate forms, functions, meanings, registers, and styles of English language in multimodal communication.

In the second and third years, students will be equipped with skills and knowledge in Englishes, different literary genres of English, intercultural communication, internationalization, and communication arts and competence in developing social media for effective connection and networks in domestic and/or multinational communication.

In the fourth year, the program focuses on the application and integration of theoretical and practical knowledge to create new advanced knowledge, produce academic/professional works, and successfully work in a multicultural environment. Students can choose whether to take a Senior Project course for developing academic/professional works, an Internship course or Cooperative Education course for professional practice.

The Bachelor of Arts in English Communication’s aim is to produce graduates with academic and professional knowledge and skills in English in order to efficiently communicate in various professional contexts in multicultural societies. They will be well-adjusted and properly respond to rapid changes in the world. They are capable of integrating and applying different disciplines, principles, theories, knowledge, technology, and innovations to benefit and improve their work, everyday life, and communities. They also utilize life-long learning skills to achieve sustainable development.

  • Journalist, Editor, Copy Writer, Reporter
  • Translator, Interpreter, Linguist
  • Sales Person, Public Relations Practitioner,
  • Public Speaker, Politician
  • Playwright, Author, Curator

Total expenses

For the entire 4-year course or 8 semesters:

Thai students: 444,250 baht (First semester: 55,550 baht)
International students: 524,250 baht (First semester: 65,550 baht)

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