IT Professional Trainings

Information Technology student must complete IT Training in 2 levels: 1. IT for Learning and 2. IT for Working.

1. IT for Learning (IT Pro I)

What? To prepare freshmen in IT for learning and research in the higher education level for example IT system in the Payap University, PYU email, Office 365, creating simple forms and websites.
When? In the first semester of enrollment
How long? 6 hours

2. IT for Working (IT Pro II)

What? To prepare students before graduation. The content can be specific or the usage of Microsoft Office (intermediate level) for example Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Online Resume.
When? In year 3 or year 4, before the graduation
How long? 18 hours

*Students must have at least 80% of attendance and pass the exam with scores of at least 60%.

What if I don’t pass?

Students can retake the test (an unlimited number of times) with the fee of each test 200 Baht.
Students can retake the training (an unlimited number of times) with the fee of 300 Baht.